First and Goal, Inc. is dedicated to Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.” Our mission is to provide the necessary tools, support, and resources for youth that will enrich, equip, and empower them to be effective members of society. First and Goal, Inc.has three objectives when it comes to making the greatest impact in the lives of youth that we serve and support.

The 3 C’s that are the objectives that we build on with First and Goal, Inc. to fully engage the students are Campus, Community and Collaborations. We connect with students on campus because that is where they spend the majority of their time. If we connect with the students and make an impact in their lives on campus they in turn will understand their role in the community. Our goal is to empower the students to change their mindset and perspectives and when they do that they will understand the capacity of their influence in the communities that they live in.

Empowering students beyond the classroom is key for their personal growth and civic duty. To make the greatest impact with the work that we do with First and Goal, Inc. we need solid collaborations and partnerships to give students the greatest opportunity to succeed in life. “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” is our overall goal at First and Goal, Inc.